Oct, 2021
Oct, 2021
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About Us


Gerardo and Ana started with this hotel back in 2002, our dad was working as the General Manager of the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve and he decided to start his owned business as tourism in Monteverde start growing.
Opened as small bed and breakfast, converting our proper house into different rooms and just with the convition of work with the most love and effort for our guests we took our firsts steps. Over the years we keep growing, learning and making this Family place our and your home at Monteverde.

Know we offer 28 rooms surrounded by lovely gardens and a family enviorment.
Ana Daisy, Maricruz, Luis, Alejandro, Santi, Luca, and cipreses teammates, are ready to preserve Dad Legacy (Gerardo RIP).
Make sure you visit us and we will be happy to host you and share everything you wants to know about this amazing town.


We are a company engaged in the Hospitality where the personal attention and customer satisfaction are our priority, in addition to contribute to the community in social and economic issues of environmentally sustainable manner.


Transmit to each of our clients as an example of environmental sustainability, the importance of our resources, as well as maintaining our performance and quality through out the years.